A beauty box in my mailbox


Cosmetics (Photo credit: My Sight, as You See.)

Today I’m gonna talk about something that enhance my mood level every month.

I must admit, I have become a beauty box addict…

What is a beauty box? It’s just a little box filled with samples, products, goodies and sometimes accesorizes. The products you get are usually small but you can also have some full size . You can have nail polish, perfume, skincare, makeup, hair products and so on. Those companies tend to work with well-known luxury brands as well as with high street ones.

You have to pay from 10 £, 10 $ or 13 euros per month and can unsubscribe at any time if you choose to pay monthly.

Here are some brands I like. I’ll start with the international ones. It means that you can find them in the UK, in the United States but also in France:

Joliebox: It is filled with 4 to 5 samples and a little magazine. Recently joliebox has been acquired by Birchbox. It should mean more american brands that we are all craving for in Europe. Can’t wait to see that!
The quality of the box may vary from time to time but it’s always a pleasure to receive one as long as you keep in mind that you won’t have a box full of Dior and Chanel products every month! In my opinion, these boxes are good to try new products and at the same time, the size of them can be very useful when you travel a lot and don’t want your luggage to end too heavy!
Moreover, I like their website with lots of advice and an online shop. You also get some fidelity points every month and can use when you buy on their eshop.

Glossybox: The concept is pretty much the same but you’ll receive five beauty products. They might seem a little bit more professionnals because they are present in many countries around the world. Nevertheless, if the products are good, I have been a bit disapointed by the packaging. Inside the box, it’s a bit too much impersonnal.
You can earn glossydots by giving your thoughts on the product you have tried and can use them  afterward.

Birchbox: I haven’t tried them because I can’t be delivered were I live…But having studied their website and read comments on the internet, they seem good. I mean, the products seem good quality ones and they send you quite a lot of full size but at the same time, here again the packaging is a bit disapointing. Too plain and so impersonnal. You need to feel you receive a gift every month, not just a bunch of products. I’ll be happy if someone give me their thoughts about those ones, maybe I’m wrong.
They also have boxes for men! Time for them to get pampered!

Now let’s talk about the little frenchie one 🙂

My Littlebox! This one is my favourite because it’s more inventive. At first they did like the other ones, meaning they sent you 4 to 5 beauty products. But they have changed since september 2012. Now you only have two beauty products but they replaced the others by more goodies. Every month they make their boxes about a different theme. No wonder that September was about the fashionweek. You can find postcards, a little book with advice about beauty, fashion, good addresses in Paris etc. You can have tea, sweets and many other surprises. Plus, the illustrations made by Kanako are really beautiful. In brief, you get surprises and you feel like you have a real gift every month.
It’s the same team who makes the website MyLittleParis that I highly recommend for those who plan to spend a week-end or holidays there.