Tea time for thee: Lov Organic

I love tea, as a result and because where I live I can’t buy it regularly I have bought all my favourite in a row and brought them home with me. So today, I will be talking to you about four brands I  find in France but that you can order online as well. These are in my opinion the best and the most original ones. Wether I want to relax sipping a fruity beverage or I want to get some energy to get through a tough day, there’s a tea on my shelf to suit all my needs. Here we go:

First, there is the brand Lov Organic. These are noticable by the little dove drawn on the box. These teas are “high quality organic teas” and you can find three categories of them: classic teas, flavoured teas and wellness blends. All the Love organic teas are free from GMO’s and countain only natural flavourings. Moreover, the metal tins which contain the loof leaf are recycable and re-usable…and I would add, fashionable.

I have not bought one of their classic tea yet as I think the other ones were worth a try before. These are the one I have tasted:
Four citrus fruitQuite strong because it is black tea. You can taste the bergamot pretty well. For mornings!
Orange cinnamon: Strong as well but the cinnamon touch gives you a taste of the wintery season. Nice to drink it by the fire on a snowy day. 
Red fuits: More summerish. Smells beautifully. 
Chocolate/vanillaVery original! Love it! The chocolate flavour is light but mixes well with the vanilla scent. Makes you want to stay in bed…
MintMaroccan style tea. Makes you want to take your backpack and go around the world.
Ginger lemonStrong and powerful.
Lov is good: Makes you stay “on top fo the form” but I would add that this tea also has good properties to use in case your were a bit greedy during your last meal and need your stomach to rest a bit. 
Lov is purePerfect for a detox and during a diet but great to drink at any time as well. Light and very good.
Lov is zen: To take at night before bedtime if you want to sleep peacefully and have nice dreams.
Wild berry fruit teaOne of my favourite. If I’d bought only one it would be this one. Hot or served with ice. Perfect for every season and any moment of the day. Contains Hibiscus…and I love everything that contains that delightful flower. 

You can find them here: http://en.lov-organic.com/

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