blogging and vertigo…

I am pretty new to the world of blogging.

As many people, I read blogs because I am interested in a subject or because I do a research on a particular topic. But I have actually never followed any of them. Mostly it was just a one time visit.

Then, I have started to get interested in that blogging addiction that people seem to have and I must admit I am stunned.

I am thirty and I discovered the first mobile phone and  the web pretty much at the same time, that is to say: when I was 18. Back then you only knew people you could meet personally. At school, during parties and so on. You had hobbies,  interests but you shared them only with the people around you.

Nowadays, 12 years later everything and everyone is connected. Many people write their blog like you wrote a secret diary in the past. Instead of sticking pictures in a notebook, you pin them online. It’s like everyone has something to say about any subject that exists on earth.

Now you are wondering what my point is…It’s just that I feel outdated. I feel like things are going so fast that I ‘ll never arrive to catch them up. How do people find the time to write all these articles? How do you choose which blog to read when there are so many out there? How do you cope with the idea of having in front of you millions of possibilities. Imagine you’re in a bookshop and you are wandering around, picking a book and reading the excerpt, then there’s another one who catch your attention…and you read the excerpt… and you can go on like that all day long. On the web it’s the same but multiplied by infinity.

You may wonder why I feel like I have suddenly waken up from a long nap. This I explain because I have lived in Africa for two years now. Ok, there is internet here but at the same time you’ve still some people without even electricity. There are not many shops but paradoxically you can buy pretty anything in the street (clothes, shoes, magazines, bread, toilet seat…). There is hardly marketing in this place, you are not surrounded with pictures in every corner, just by colors, dust, pollution and odors. Such different worlds!

Well, all this babbling just to say that I feel mesmerized by all this creativity you can find online but I feel a bit dizzy too. It’s like being in front of a gigantic cliff and being ready to jump not knowing when you’ll touch the ground. But I want to make that jump! I just don’t know yet how to make the first step.

So, anyone who read this just wish me luck for that big jump 😉 and anyone who can give me advice on how to apprehend this whole new world is welcome to do so 🙂