Last saturday I finally arranged the christmas decoration in the flat. As usual: christmas tree, stars, christmas father…But still, even with christmas carol going on my iPod it felt a little sad. Yeah…hard to feel the christmas spirit when outside it’s 30°Celsius and you are living right in the middle of Africa.

Anyway, thanks to a friend who told me about a great shop in Luanda, I finally gave my flat an african christmas touch.

And now I am proud to say that I have a christmas baobab 🙂

Green color and snowmen versus brownish style,  lion, rhino and elephant!


On safari in Africa…

Coming back soon!
Being with the lions, the rhino, hippo,elephants and have many things and photos to share, and great places to talk about!


Just another week end: whales watching

Living in Africa has its drawbacks. I can’t go to the Theatre, I can’t walk for a long time in the streets, I can’t do shopping and I can’t  easily escape from the huge town where I live …No place is close enough or nice enough around here  and there are lots of traffic jams.

But there are some advantages: sun, beach and wildlife! So this week-end, the same way anybody in Europe would go to the mall or watch a movie (which I also did in the James Bond article), I went to seek for the whales who pass near the coast.

It’s amazing. The minute we arrived on the spot one whale jumped in the air before going back into the deep. Then another one…Then nothing for more than one hour. We scrutinized the sea but we could see nothing except sometimes their back quickly surfacing. It was a real hide and seek game because when we spotted one, we went into the right direction but then when we arrived, it was already elsewhere. Those monsters are fast!

So I didn’t see a lot but I enjoyed it and all the way back I wished for only one thing, I wanted so much to dive there and swim next to them. No matter how big they are, they seemed pretty playful to me 😉

To visit Paris

Today I’m going to write a little post about a website I really love. It was actually my boyfriend who discovered it two years ago and now I have subscribed to their newsletter and I am very happy about it!

This website is called: My Little Paris. It gives you many good addresses in Paris whether you are looking for an unusual restaurant, original products,  a massage or  many other things and activities.

It’s a real guide online but you can also find their book which has been translated in english as well.

To be honest, you’ll never be disappointed by the places they promote. So go and have a look and enjoy your holidays in Paris in a different way and I promise that you only have good memories afterwards.