James Bond: Skyfall

I just went to see the movie this week-end and I must admit that even though I am not normally a James Bond fan, this time I have been impressed.

First there is the opening credits with the beautiful song “skyfall” by Adele. This song plus the images in the background make you sink deeper and deeper in your seat. That’s it, you crave to know what it’s all about because you already know something great is coming. Other James Bond movies make a good entrance but no other had this impact on me.

I must admit that the story is not original: Evil against Good and Britain patriotism first! But Which was good about this James Bond in particular is the role played by “Mum” (Judi Dench). Her human side was highlighted and that changed the tone of the story. The different settings chosen for the movie were very good as well. Of course you get to see  exotic countries with a touch of grandeur and luxury but in this episode you go back to Britain who becomes the main place where everything important will happen. Ok, there are many “cliché” taken for granted in this film but it’s for that reason that we love the Brits, isn’t it? They have become so good at making fun of themselves that they know exactly when or where their british touch is gonna work. And it does indeed.

I also appreciated the new Q performed by Ben Wishaw that I saw in “The perfume” a few days before. Perfect guy to be the new geek in James bond movies.

What disappointed me a bit was the sensation of having sometimes more of a “Batman against The Joker” than a “James Bond” movie in front of me. The bad guy (Javier Bardem) made a great performance but occasionally I felt I was watching a superhero comics.

Nevertheless not being a familiar of action movies. I ‘d definitely watch this one with pleasure one more time.

Now enjoy the song: