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A Beautiful Mess.

I recently discovered this blog and I can spend a lot of time reading it. It’s fresh it’s innovative and I like those girls. Elsie and    Emma have created a blog where they share their daily inspiration, DIY projects and recipes but they also like to customize their blog.

As a result,  you can find many ideas and tips about blogging in one place . I bought one of their e-course. It’s not cheap, it’s the same price as a book with a cover …and you can’t even download it, it’s not a pdf file or anything else. You pay and get a code that you enter on their website to get access to the course. So, a bit expensive, yes, but it worth it!

Thanks to them I found many advice, explained in a way that anyone can understand. No need to have special knowledge. And what I appreciate is that you have exercises for every step of whatever you are learning. So, it’s pretty cool because you know you have goals to meet and are not only reading something that you’ll forget the minute you turn off the computer.

Well, for anyone interesting in making a blog and how to customize it etc. A beautiful mess is the place to go!


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